Jack Link's Protein Patrol
Legends of the protein snack game bringing meat snacks to the Canadian masses.
Legends of the protein snack game, heroes of the anytime meat snack break—the Protein Patrol are heading across Canada to bring meat snacks to the masses. Look out for them popping-up in your neighbourhood, at events, and even at your local grocery store as they look to ensure that Canadians are feeding their wild side. And, of course, they’ve brought Sasquatch along for the ride.

The Official Snack Of Ready To Eat Meat 

The only thing that makes hanging out by the lake even better is a delicious BBQ. Never fear. Barbecue Pork Tender Bites are like having an instant grill in your back pocket. Drool-worthy pork bites with none of the prep time? Now that’s what we call a STEAK-cation.

The Official Snack Of Hiking

Sometimes when you’ve been hiking through the woods for a long time, you begin to see things. An oasis, maybe, or, I don’t know, flying jerky? If you spot a bag of beef jerky hovering above your head, our advice is to jump for it. Who knows, it might be a meaty gift from the mythical Sasquatch.

The Official Snack Of Mating Calls

Looking for some romantic advice from the ol’ Sasquatch? Ditch the roses, throw out those teddy bears. Give ‘em what they really want. A big, beefy pack of snack sticks. Wait, what’d you think we were going to say?

The Official Snack Of Gardening

There is no plant more mouth-watering than the jerky tree. With meat sticks growing and a jerky harvest later in the summer, it's the tree that just keeps on giving. We can’t promise that if you plant jerky in your backyard you’ll grow a jerky tree, but it’s definitely worth a try.

The Official Snack Of Side Hustling

Out with the lemonade stands, in with the beef booths! Try to tell us you wouldn’t stop for a meat snack if you saw our Protein Patrol set up on your block. Meat sticks, steak strips, and beef jerky galore, no lemonade can compete. Oh well, if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em!

The Official Snack Of Landscape Lounging

Sometimes mowing the lawn can be a pain. However, what if we told you there might be a way to get out of it and snack on some pork tender bites or beef jerky instead. Many believe that if you spin three times, grab three pepperoni sticks, and say, “I have the meatiest lawn on the block,” Sasquatch will appear and mow your lawn for you. Who knows if it’s true but maybe you should grab some pepperoni sticks, just in case.