Whenever you rip open a snack pack of Jack Link’s meat snacks, you get a taste of American tradition

A family-owned business that grew from hard work, high-quality products, a sense of community and a little fun. That’s the recipe that put us on the map long ago. That’s the recipe that drives us today.

Family-owned and operated for generations

It all started with Chris

The foundation for Jack Link’s was set in the 1880s when Chris Link came to America from the old country and settled in the Northwoods of Wisconsin. He didn’t bring much with him, but he did bring his family’s sausage recipes. Talk about applaudable priorities. Soon, his sausages and smoked beef became legend and lore among the pioneer families. It was all anyone could talk about (or so we hear).

Then came earl and 
a boy called Wolf

Continuing the family tradition of taking meat very, very seriously, Chris’ son, Earl Link, later opened the town of Minong’s first general store and butcher shop.

In 1916, Earl had a son named Wolf Link, who lived the meat business from day one. Despite his predative name, Wolf grew to be a successful cattleman, raising the finest beef in all the land. Raising cattle was one thing. But his greatest accomplishment was raising The Chosen One. A boy named Jack Link.

Wood background

The man behind the name

While fishing with his sons, Jack decided to use his great-grandfather’s recipes to make superior beef jerky, leading to the creation of Jack Link’s Original Kippered Beef Steak—a hit among friends and locals. In 1986, Jack began selling these smoked beef steaks in Wisconsin convenience stores. The game-changer came when he bought a beef jerky packaging machine, enabling nationwide distribution, and putting Jack Link’s on shelves across the country.

We craft real food

We make our jerky from 100% beef, turkey, chicken, and pork, using lean cuts and a century-old family recipe. Each piece is marinated with premium ingredients and a unique spice blend, giving Jack Link’s its distinctive flavour. Popular flavours include Original, BBQ, Habanero, Pepperoni, Rotisserie, and Teriyaki. We then slowly cook and dry the meat in our own smokehouse for the perfect finish.

Made by real people

Born in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, which is where Jack Link (yes, he’s a real person) still resides, we’re proud of our rural roots. Our foundation was built upon our hard work, our pioneer spirit, and our deep love of beef jerky. That spirit lives today through our team members who work in small towns across America.