Beef Up Your Snack Game

Snacking occasions happen daily, they come without notice and they demand your immediate attention. It’s in these moments that we reach for the closest snack. It’s in these moments that we need to reach for the right snack. It’s in these moments inside of those moments that you need to reach for the BEST snack. Beef up your snack game with an original protein.

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Photo of ancient solider with Sasquatch standing behind him

Beef Up Your Work Day!

You checked your inbox. Twice. You caught another mistake on that invoice. Go you. Whatever you’re doing, you've been at it for hours. And it's only 3 p.m. Need that extra push? Beef up your work day with an Original Protein! Stick some of these in your backpack:

Beef Up Your Workout

Historic badasses didn't eat fauxtein. Why should you? Kick your core workout where it hurts, with help from an Original Protien! Made with 100% beef, it's all real ingredients. And none of the fakey stuff. Slide one of these into your spandex:

Beef Up Your House Chores

If mankind built the pyramids with their bare hands, you can wash the dishes with yours. Original protein is what you need to finally get off your butt and do things, like laundry(ok, at least your whites). Beef up your chores list with Jack Link's! Keep a stash of these close at hand:

Beef Up Your Voyaging

Humans have relied on meat for years. So why stop now? Whether you're exploring uncharted subway stations or stalking prey on your road trip, beef up your daily voyage with help from an Original Protein. Take a few of these long: