Scotty Sherin


Ever seen a crazy picture of someone in Canada surfing a barrel and wondered who took it? The answer is almost always Scotty Sherin. From Lunenburg, NS, Scotty is a creative picture taker and movie maker who is always outside capturing outdoor adventures with his trusty camera!

With a camera bag stuffed with his favourite meat snacks, Scotty is always ready for his next adventure.  Early morning fly fishing? Check. Cold water surfing in the afternoon? Check.   Late night around the campfire eating Jack Link’s Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky? Oh, you know that’s a check.

The Official Snack of Angling

For Scotty, it has to be a mix of Turkey Jerky and Teriyaki Beef Jerky. Not only do they make great snacks while fishing, you might also catch Scotty up-cycling the packaging to create the perfect fly for the next catch. 

The Official Snack of Camp Cooking

After a fun day out adventuring, Scotty loves cooking up some jerky nachos with a mix of Jalapeño Beef Jerky and Original Beef Jerky. It’s the perfect fireside snack, which, of course, goes great with a cold one.

The Official Snack of Canoeing

If you want to keep your friends happy on an all day canoe trip, Scotty recommends you bring some Barbecue Pork Tender Bites and Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky to share. Make sure to keep a secret stash of jerky for yourself, you’ll need it.