Jack Link's Ambassador
Marie-Pier Préfontaine

Pemberton, BC.

Mountain Background Marie-Pier Prefontaine


Where in canada do you hail from?

Originally from St-Sauveur QC, I now live in Pemberton, BC.

Mountain Background Surfing


What do you do?

I’m a two-time Olympic alpine skier, big mountain skier, mountain biker and pilot.

Mountain Background Scuba Diving


Now for the important questions, what’s your favourite jack link’s meat snack?

I like the Turkey Jerky, Teriyaki Beef Jerky and the Snacksticks.

Mountain Background Fly Fishing with Friends


How do you feed your wild side?

I like to get out on my snowmobile and ski. I love being outside and active. In the summer I mountain bike almost every day or I’ll go trail running.

Mountain Background River Fishing


If you could hang with the sasquatch for a day, what would you guys do?

I’d probably make him double me up on my snowmobile to a sick mountain that I could ski, but then he would probably push me down the face because you know he would be mad he can't ski it hahah (unless he can…).

Mountain Background Icy Shores


What are you trying to get done in 2021?

Push my limits in skiing and fly more as I am a pilot! :) To be honest, I just want to have as much fun as I can and push my limits in all the sports that I love.

Mountain Background Catch And Release


My perfect day is...

There's so many perfect days but this summer I’d love to mountain bike to an alpine lake and go fishing. Also, a perfect day is when I come back home exhausted from pushing my limits in the outdoors.

Mountain Background Canadian Surfer


What’s one surprising thing people may not know about you?

I grew up bow hunting as a kid.

Mountain Background Canadian Surf Waves


Give us one interesting fact that our fans can bust out at a party!

There are more Subways than McDonald’s in the world.