Spencer Jenkin


Ever seen a guy wearing a flannel while holding a hockey stick, skates, and some Jack Link’s Teriyaki Beef Jerky and thought, “that must be the perfect Canadian?” Good eye! You probably just spotted Spencer Jenkin. Originally from Oakville, ON, and currently residing in Shawnigan Lake, BC, Spencer is a Canadian comedy content creator who feeds his wild side by making people laugh.

When Spencer is not making the masses spit out their double doubles, you can find him hiking or camping under the stars in the great outdoors. Official pioneer of Jack Link’s sprinkled poutine, Spencer would describe himself as the “Original Hoser.” It’s no wonder that he and Original Beef Jerky mesh so well together. They are a perfect match.

The Official Snack of the Ultimate Caesar

For the perfect Caesar, Spencer recommends that you keep it classic with some Original Beef Jerky and Original Snacksticks for the tastiest garnish.

The Official Snack of Road Trips

Spencer knows that on a long road trip, you need an array of snacks to keep you busy. If you see him on the road, he’s probably snacking on some Teriyaki Beef Jerky and Barbecue Pork Tender Bites. Yummmm.

The Official Snack of the Canadian Salad

Actually, scratch that. Salads are boring. For Spencer, it’s gotta be poutine packed with tons of jerky sprinkled on top. Lil’ bit of Turkey Jerky and a lil’ Sweet & Hot if you’re feeling adventurous. It hits the spot, no doot aboot it!