Jack Link's Ambassador
Ian West

Port Hope, ON

Mountain Background Ian West Car


Where in Canada do you hail from?

Port Hope, born, raised and still here.

Mountain Background Ian West Fish


Tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a Canadian bass angler, outdoor content creator and the wrangler at FearFishing.

Mountain Background Ian West Mask


Now for the important questions, what’s your favourite Jack Link’s meat snack?

Original and Hickory Smoked Jerky.

Mountain Background Ian West Boat


Tell us how you feed your wild side?

I’m lucky enough that my profession is also my hobby. If I'm not at work at Easthill Outdoors (local fishing shop), then I’m deep into conversations on social media helping people become better anglers. The rest of the time I’m spending with my family, friends and our three dogs.

Mountain Background Ian West Catch


If you had the pleasure of hanging out with Sasquatch for a day, what would you guys do?

After a long day of fishing, we’d go and scare campers!

Mountain Background Ian West Hunt


What are you looking forward to seeing or accomplishing in 2020?

Becoming a four time champion of the FearFishing Bass Championship Belt, inspire others to get outdoors, spend more time with friends and family and train my pointer dog to get my jerky without eating it.

Mountain Background Ian West Fish


What does your perfect day consist of?

Getting up and going bass fishing where I catch a new personal best largemouth bass. Then I’d spend the afternoon in the woods with my dog before heading home to a charcoal barbeque. I’d cap the whole day off with a campfire surrounded by my family and friends with cold ones and Jack Link’s.

Mountain Background Ian West Boating


What’s one surprising thing people may not know about you?

That I’d rather deal with a Sasquatch than a mouse in the house.

Mountain Background Ian West Filming


Last, but not least, give us one interesting fact that our fans can bust out at a party.

I once lived in a horse stable, from March to November, to win $200 from my Grandfather. It’s a long story, but $200 is $200.