Tori Baird


Can you canoe? Tori Baird definitely can! Born in Newmarket, ON and currently residing in Magnetawan, ON, Tori has spent the past ten years feeding her wild side, paddling across white water rivers with her favourite meat snack in hand.

Founder of Paddle Like a Girl, an organisation that empowers women to experience the outdoors through canoeing workshops. Tori teaches others how to feed their very own wild sides, and is always down for an adventure. You can almost always find her exploring the great outdoors with, of course, a backpack filled with an abundance of beef sticks. She’s going to need them.

The Official Snack of Canoeing

According to Tori, it would have to be Sweet & Hot Beef Jerky to power through on long canoe trips and, of course, an Original Beef Stick when it’s time for a quick paddle break.

The Official Snack of Feeding My Family

That’s an easy answer for Tori, who celebrated National Jerky Day by feeding her family an array of delicious Jack Link’s jerky and meat snacks. Looks like Teriyaki Beef Jerky and a side of Turkey Smokehouse Snack Sticks were a hit with her husband.

The Official Snack of Camp Cooking

We’re told that there’s no better flavour to spice up a campfire dish than Jalapeño Beef Jerky. Tori not only puts it on her poutine, but also includes it in mac and cheese and on top of eggs, a true culinary mastermind.